Carline CL101-2S

Wheel alignment system with 8 CCD-sensors for adjustment in lifted position

8-CCD-technology, spoiler program integrated
wireless data transfer in secure BT-mode

No expensive "wheel alignment lift" required

Special design of the tracers allows a wheel alignment on
2-posts-lift, scissor lifts, inground-lifts or midrise lifts

  • 2-post-lifts

  • scissor-lift with ramps

  • scissor-body-lift

  • in-ground-lift

  • 4-post-lift



wireless data-transfer
in secure BT-mode

Windows PC

DIN-A4 colour printer

stable cabinet
on wheels
Special designed tracers

  • Alignment on turntable and
    sliding plates on the floor

  • Adjustment in lifted position
    - freeze measurement values - activate values
    - lift the vehicle - adjust the vehicle

  • vehicle data base

  • KBA-number selection

  • Mercedes castor

  • adjustment pics

  • adjustment pics

  • working level correction

  • remote control at tracer

  • Rolling run-out-compensation
    (according to working place)
Adjustment in lifted position - integrated spoiler program
toe-curve-change - Mercedes castor - level correction

another advantage of adjustment in lifted position:
all damaged suspension parts can get detected

Alignment system

  • 8-CCD-tracers
  • 360°-measuring range
  • A4-color printer
  • TFT-monitor
  • Softwarelicence
  • PC Windows 7
Zubehör Standard

  • 4-point wheel clamp 10-21"
  • alloy rim adaptors
  • Brake pedal blocker
  • Steering wheel lock
  • Spoilerprogram
  • vehicle data base

  • rear sliding plates
  • 4-point-clamp24"
  • 3-point clamp
  • calibration bar
  • dust cover