Wheel alignment system Carline CL100

CL100 Fahrwagen frei Schnitt 2 

Computer based wheel alignment system

for quick and precise performance on passengers cars, vans and jeeps.


The time saving system is easy to use by only 6 keyboard keys.

The measuring heads (only 2,35 kg) are based on latest technology with 8 CCD-sensors , data transfer by cable.



CL100 cable, fully equipped, stand allone


CL100BT, fully equipped, wire less data transfer

 Delivery content:


 - 4 lightweight and shock resistent measuring heads with 8 CCD-sensors

 - 1 trolley with 2 slides for printer and keyboard

 - 4 data transver cables

 - 1 high resolution colour monitor 19"

 - 1 colour ink jet printer A4

 - 1 wheel alignment software

 - 1 car data base

 - 1 PC with CD-ROM -drive, keyboard and mouse

CL100 klein WMS 

 You can choose between two several clamping systems:


clamping system RH3-4/21"


clamping system RH4-4/22"