Wheel alignment for cars


 Easy use and fast measurement of total and single toe - castor - camber - toe-out-on-turn - steering 

 wheel position.



This is our range of products. We want to give you an idea about the time you need for results.


Lasersystems                           Carline CL 10 and CL 20  

                                                 diagnosis time per axle x2                                             14 minutes



CCD-wheel alignment systems  Carline CL 100 and CL1012S for alignment of cars on 2 post lift

                                                 total result (2 axles)    - diagnosis 2 minutes - alignment 6 minutes



3D-wheel alignment systems     Carline CL3MF Multiflex und Carline CL300F FREE

                                                  total result (2 axles)   - diagnosis 2 minutes - alignment 5 minutes


Main influence on the duration time is the selection of car, run out compensation mode and working position while adjustment. Target mounting time is nearly the same.