Truck wheel alignment system Truckline TL10


 The alignment of trucks and coaches is completely different compared to car alignment. At passenger car

 alignment you adjusted according to trust line, at truck alignment all axles become adjusted according to

 the center line of the frame. This alignment can be done with the truckline TL10. The three most important

 data total toe (toe rod), center position of steering gear (push rod) and angular tilt of rear axle can be

 checked and adjusted within a few minutes.



TL10            TL10 am Bus 

 Due to magnetic attachment to the steel rim mounting is absolutely simple.

 The laser units of the measuring head are swivelling.

No need of external power supply due to rechargeable



Semi-trailer and trailer should be adjusted according to the king pin. Therefore we use the gauge ALS.




 Quick and precise laser wheel alignment also for buses.


Measurment ...


... either in relation to the frame or

... in relation to the body or

... in relation to the axle






 TL10 - useful in several ways!


 The easy to handle truck wheel alignment unit is designed for  universal and mobil use without external power supply.

 The measuring heads get attached to steel rims by magnetic  holders, to alloy rims with a integrated clamping units.

 There is no need to lift the vehicle for ROC, this saves a lot of  time. There are magnetic legs for front and rear axles.



 TL10 - wheel alignment - fast and easy!

TL10 Messkopf an der Alu-Felge 
TL10 Messkopf 

delivery content:


- 2 measuring heads with turnable lasers powered by

     rechargeable batteries

- 1 set of short magnetic legs (front axle)

- 1 set of long magnetic legs (rear axle)

- 2 turn plates with special bearings and integrated stainless

     steel scales

- 2 drive-on steps

- 1 toe gauge

- 2 magnetic frame gauges

- 1 electronic inlinometer with quick fixing unit

- 1 battery charger

- 1 computer disc for measurement report

- 1 wooden case on wheels with service tripod